Artist: Yamato


Romanized Name Yamato

About Artist

A composer that writes anime and game songs, but also part of G5 circle.

About Music

His Idolmaster work is heavily gothic-influenced, thanks to him composing Chrono-Lexica songs. His composition style outside of Idolmaster usually revolves around rock or rock-influenced songs.


Branch Song Title Lyricist Composer Arranger
765ML 囚われのTea Time Yamato
765ML dans l'obscurité Kanata Nakamura

Sample works outside Idolmaster

Title Artist Origin Link
All In The Demon – G5 Project G5 2016 Open
Dying to survive – Yamato Masaoka G5 2013 Open
Fantastic Days◎ - 巴 日和 Ensemble Stars! Open
スロウリグレット - Open