Artist: Ryo Takahashi


Romanized Name Ryo Takahashi

About Artist

A composer, who aside from composing anisongs, is also part of FELT under his Maurits "ZEN" Cornelis alias.

About Music

His work in Idolmaster uses band instruments, fitting especially because there’s Julia. Outside of Idolmaster, his FELT involvement and his Void_Chords is more varied because there are electronic sounds.


Branch Song Title Lyricist Composer Arranger
765ML 餞の鳥 Kino Sakai
Ryo Takahashi
Ryo Takahashi
765ML ハーモニクス Kino Sakai
Ryo Takahashi
Ryo Takahashi
765ML さかしまの言葉 Kanata Nakamura
Ryo Takahashi
Ryo Takahashi

Sample works outside Idolmaster

Title Artist Origin Link
FLARE – Void_chords feat. LIO Arifureta: Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Open
Goodbye – FELT Parallel Cross Open
Lost My Way – FELT Cold Snap Open