Artist: Kengo Minamida


Romanized Name Kengo Minamida
Category Anisong

About Artist

A composer part of onetrap.

About Music

It’s interesting how all of his Idolmaster works are very different from each other. Yes, even the SideM song! The only unifying part is probably that it uses the guitar. Outside of Idolmaster, he is also versatile, check out his Aikatsu works.


Branch Song Title Lyricist Composer Arranger
315 ∞ Possibilities Hiroo Ooyagi
Kengo Minamida
Kengo Minamida
283 バベルシティ・グレイス Erica Masaki
Kengo Minamida
Kengo Minamida
283 夢咲きAfter school Shin Furuya
Kengo Minamida
Kengo Minamida

Sample works outside Idolmaster

Title Artist Origin Link
Changing point – i☆Ris Mahou Shoujo Site Open
Dreaming bird – 白銀リリィ Aikatsu Stars Open
ヒトガタ – HIMEHINA Virtual-san Looking Open