Artist: h-wonder


Name h-wonder
Romanized Name h-wonder
Category Anisong

About Artist

A composer who worked with BoA and Maaya Sakamoto, among other artists.

About Music

Especially on recent works, h-wonder writes melancholic, pretty chill songs, including Koisuru Asteroid's ending, a particularly memorable song to me. This also applies in Idolmaster too, with Amana's solo sharing the same style.


Branch Song Title Lyricist Composer Arranger
283 Sweet Memories Shizuna Suzuki

Sample works outside Idolmaster

Title Artist Origin Link
Hare Moyou Kiyono Yasuno Arte Open
Yasashii Sekai Azusa Tadokoro Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko Open
Yozora Minori Suzuki Koisuru Asteroid Open